Project Overview (2011 - 2014)



The SADCO Initial Training Network establishes a collaborative research and training network of 11 partners from academia and industry, gathering participants with expertise in complementary disciplines in mathematics and engineering. SADCO is funded by the European Union under the «FP7-People-ITN» programme for a duration of 4 years (Jan. 2011 - Dec. 2014).


The SADCO project aims at: 

  • Training young researchers in the field of control theory.

Optimisation-based control systems concern the determination of control strategies for complex, dynamic systems, to optimise some measures of best performance.

SADCO provides a complete range of theoretical, practical and complementary training to young researchers in optimal control theory. Each fellow recruited within the network benefits from a multi-disciplinary programme based on an integrated scientific programme, secondments, regular meetings and active networking.

         -   Sensitivity analysis, which is concerned with the robustness of optimal control strategies to changes in the underlying optimization problem

         -   Deterministic controller design based on real-time solution of optimal control problems. 

  • Conveying fundamental scientific contributions within European industrial sectors.


The research carried out within SADCO may lead to important societal improvements. Optimal control provides the theoretical foundations for future, much-needed technological developments, in numerous industrial sectors, including transportation, aerospace, power systems and chemical processing, and in such areas as resource economics, to improve energy efficiency against a background of stringent environmental constraints.


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This project is supported by the European Union under the 7th Framework Programme «FP7-PEOPLE-2010-ITN». Grant agreement number 264735-SADCO.  Official EU flag.jpg

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