Daniela Tonon

Daniela is Italian. She was recruited as a postdoc by UPMC where she worked on first order conditions under state constraints and pointwise second order optimality conditions. She was seconded to Imperial College London. She was one out of three recepients of the Dodu 2012 prize for the best talk during the SMAI-MODE conference. Presently she holds a permanent position of Maître de Conférences at University Paris-Dauphine (Paris IX).

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  • Background: Daniela holds a master's degree from Università degli studi Milano-Bicocca, Italy and a PhD from SISSA, Trieste, Italy that she obtained in 2011 on the following subject: "Regularity of solutions of Hamilton-Jacobi equations". 

SADCO Project title: First order conditions under state constraints

The Pontryagin Maximum Principle (PMP) is said to be normal when the cost multiplier is non-zero. In situations where the PMP is not normal, it makes no reference to the cost function and therefore provides no useful information about optimal controls. A normal version of the PMP is the starting point for deriving higher order necessary conditions, for deriving certain kinds of sufficient
conditions and for establishing regularity properties of optimal controls. It is therefore important to establish normality of the PMP under general conditions. Existing conditions of normality of the PMP
for problems with state constraints are very restrictive. They do not cover situations when both endpoints of state trajectories are constrained, and apply only to rather special kinds of state constraint
representations. The aim of this project area is to establish normality in more general situations, when both state trajectory endpoints are constrained and when current restrictions on the nature of the
pathwise state constraints are removed.





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